Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nike ELITE Series 2.0+

With the playoffs approaching, Nike Basketball released the Nike ELITE Series 2.0 +, in order to help the players championship battle.

The launch of the LEBRON X PS ELITE +, KOBE 8 SYSTEM ELITE + and KD V ELITE + are the championship trophy for the design inspiration, the overall gold as a rendering. The combination of cutting-edge materials and design concepts, through the lightweight structure, enhance the comfort and dynamic protection.

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The design of the Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ shows the way that every stadium has to win the championship. Elegant black and white color, supplemented by golden swoosh design, distinctive details appear in each of the different shoes: athletes exclusive logo, gold embellished Kevlar ® Kevlar fiber shoelaces, gold dynamic fly line, in the end of black and white inkjet design.

Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ built-in support for Nike + Basketball features, all-round record the competitiveness of athletes around the world. Nike + Basketball uses Bluetooth to access the iPhone client, measuring athletes in the game jump height, against the strength and speed (to be sold separately with the Nike + Sport Kit), through the information to reproduce their own sports performance, with friends under.

Nike + Basketball app program has recently been upgraded, including sports intensity, game data analysis, historical records, etc. are included in the data analysis range.

Nike Elite 2.0+ series will be sold in the recent major retail stores.

Recently, Nike Sportswear officially released the "Superman" series of shoes, "Superman" series includes three double Air Hyperflight and three pairs of Lunar Force 1, respectively, Durant, Kobe Bryant, James three stars for the design inspiration, will be March 29 Officially listed.

There is such a group of people, basketball is their hearts the most sincere dream. However, when dreams come true, struggling, tangled and wandering come along, but we have to face and have the courage to bear. In the latest basketball marketing activities in Nike, "the ball to me," the basketball inspirational film "wish list" with a "give me the ball, do not give me the limelight, I will win back!" Boldly shouting the attitude of the Chinese basketball players And pride, trying to help the younger generation through the positive forces crush the obstacles in the way of obstacles. So a "give me the ball" to wake up the dream, so desire to breed.

Short film is not enough to meet the young generation of hot desire, following the introduction of basketball inspirational film "wish list", the Nike company once again to create "the ball to me" theme T-shirt. "The ball to me," the four sonorous and powerful characters printed on the chest in the most prominent position, together with the standard ball gestures, Yu said young players with language and action to express the inner desire, determined to use the hands The basketball control the fate of winning their own future.

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