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Nike All Conditions control (ACC) technology to make the upper in the wet or dry on the pitch to keep the same football friction, touch and control, so that the wearer in a different environment as a performance.

ACC technology from the upper material development process in a special treatment, so that players in any weather conditions to maintain a consistent sense of the ball.

No matter where the game is held, the weather conditions will have a greater impact on the game: for example, in London, an average of 125 days of rainy season, which makes it difficult to catch and pass, even for those The same is true for the best players.

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In wet weather conditions, Nike's ACC technology to ensure that the shoes between the surface of football and a constant friction between the players brought with the dry conditions, almost the same sense of touch.

Nike's design team learned that communication with a number of players, including the Barcelona club Iniesta, learned that maintaining a consistent touch of touch on a wet site was a point that the players had been hoping to achieve.

Nike shoes into the latest design and high performance, making each shoe has a unique style. Now, ACC technology has been successfully applied to all Nike shoes styles, including

Mercurial Vapor VIII, TiempoLegend IV, CTR360 Maestri III and Total 90 Laser IV.
MercurialVapor VIII to performance innovation to a new height, this is a speed for the players to build boots. MercurialVapor VIII combines innovative technology with stylish appearance in one, bringing unparalleled comfort, touch and grip.
Designed for midfielders and designed to enable them to control the overall situation with precise and sharp pass.

The control pad on the instep is tightly fitted with the foot to bring a smooth response. Horizontal concave pattern design to create a soft toe, which enhanced the sense of touch and ball control.

Soles to ensure the energy feedback and strength, while the blade-type spikes to bring the best grip and stability.
One to help the ultimate killer to seize the opportunity to reverse the opportunity to reverse the boots of the war situation.

In particular, the use of streamlined contours can enhance the comfort of the foot and touch the ball, and the back of the re-configuration of the shot and the rotation area can be in the foot of the moment the ball naturally bent, so that the shooting action more neat.

The improved spike can achieve the strongest grip while not increasing the pressure on the player.
Nike's tradition and heritage, combined with innovative technology, to create a pair of classic boots.

Solid and soft high-quality leather to bring extreme comfort, touch the ball and control. The lightweight TPU soleplate provides powerful strength and flexibility, while the improved spike structure also brings the best grip.

From October 15, 2012, all Nike soccer shoes will be equipped with All Conditions Control (ACC) technology.

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