Monday, July 10, 2017

Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII CR

Mercurial Vapor VIII CR will be scientific and innovative and sports style fusion, learn from the field shoes spike design inspiration for the wearer on the pitch to bring the explosive speed.

The new color design inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo's new personal clothing line. Classic black shoes, supplemented by modern full of blue powder two colors, so that the wearer in the field gorgeous eye-catching.

The prominence of the upper is a heart (representing the love of victory) is covered by the "X" -shaped pattern (representing the hatred of failure), showing the philosophy of life inside and outside the CR stadium.

Mercurial Vapor VIII CR used in the design of the shoe last and feet completely match, to avoid the wearer's feet in the shoes slippery. The more soft heel area maximizes comfort. This design for the top players to bring a pair at any time to provide full of explosive power boots.

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Using the Teijin ® Microfiber ultra-fine fiber uppers, so that the material around the toes more soft and comfortable, fit the design of the foot to ensure that the wearer touch the ball when the seamless touch. The shoe body structure becomes thin and tough at the same time, the weight of the whole pair of shoes down to 185 grams - which just right to meet the pursuit of speed and support both the strength and durability requirements.

For speed players, shoes grip is essential. A pair of spikes and an asymmetric spike at the rear of the sole ensure that the wearer starts on the pitch quickly.

Pink soles and classic black and white upper in the visual contrast, from pink to blue gradient color around the soles.

Mercurial Vapor VIII CR boots will be officially on sale since December 1.

Founded in 2001 in Hawaii well-known shoe store KICKS / HI this time and then together with the Converse jointly introduced for the first String Chuck Taylor Hi "Tiger Camo" second bomb, the designer will Hawaiian elements into the shoe body, the United States hot tiger shark Pattern camouflage to decorate the upper side of the embroidered with Converse logo, the inside to cortical blessing, the whole shoe to simple white, gray and black release, orange throughout the soles.

KICKS / HI x Converse First String Chuck Taylor Premium High "Tiger Camo II"

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