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Reebok launched China plans to pass the "challenge fitness" concept

March 28, 2017, Beijing - Today, the global fitness leader brand Reebok in its cooperation in Beijing well-known integrated gym Raw Fitness start ambitious China plans to pass the "challenge fitness" concept, aimed at China's best Fitness brand. Reebok and parent company Adidas, as well as Reebok in China's exclusive retail partner Belle executives and many other guests attended the meeting. Reebok Greater China three spokesmen (Wang Deshun, Yuan Shanshan, Wu Lei) one of the "China's most cool grandfather" Wang Desheng surprised debut, profound sense of life interpretation of the Reebok unique fitness declaration "refining to me."
Reebok Global President Matthew O'Toole, Adidas Greater China Managing Director Colin Currie and Reed Wittman, General Manager of Reebok Greater China, told Reebok's new China program, And share their own Reebok "refining to me" brand interpretation of the spirit. "Refining to me" fitness declaration aims to inspire people from all walks of life through fitness to explore their own potential.
China's coolest grandfather ", well-known actor, model and artist Wang Deshun at the scene and Reebok brand Greater China General Manager Charles Weiwen had an exchange, and share their own unusual fitness course, as well as inspiring exciting moments. Step one of the three major brand spokesperson, Wang Desheng highlight Reebok brand appeal to all ages, the interpretation of the "refining to me" brand spirit, breaking the limit, become better themselves.In addition, Wang Deshun also created The "live sculpture", to participate in the 2015 Beijing fashion show, its bodybuilding and constantly challenge the spirit of self so that he received international praise.Wang Deshun from the age of 70 began to focus on fitness, in the pursuit of life on the road Age is never a problem.
"At present, our 'refining to me' declaration has sparked a strong sympathy from Chinese consumers and encouraged them to pursue a more healthy lifestyle.For a fitness brand," said Richard Chow, general manager of Reebok Greater China, China 's market is now a unique competitive advantage.We are bound to have tailored the Chinese plan to meet the needs of Chinese consumers, passing our' challenge - fitness' concept, continue to provide consumers with excellent brand experience.
Reebok is fitness

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Reebok is deeply rooted in the movement, a long history of fitness, can be traced back to the early eighties and early nineties. At that time, Reebok-led fitness category, launched a series of quite innovative style products, leading the fitness trend.

Thanks in 2010 to its global brand strategy to focus on fitness, Reebok brand recently in the world also achieved remarkable results. Through the innovative product technology, and signed CrossFit comprehensive physical training, Les Mills collective fitness management system Leimei, Spartan Race Obstacle Race Spartan Warriors and UFC Ultimate Fighting Championships and many other influential fitness projects, Reebok has For their fitness in the rapid development of the sub-areas to establish a unique professional status, fitness upgrades to help people break through the limits, to become the best of their own.
2015, Reebok in the world released an ambitious "refining to me" fitness declaration, launched the integration of marketing activities, stressed that Reebok's goal is to change people's understanding and experience of fitness. "Refining to me" is not just a slogan, but also encourage people to become better through fitness to work together to create a better world. The unique concept of the brand is also reflected in the Reebok Delta Triangle, that fitness can help people from the body, mind and social aspects of a positive change, so as to achieve better self.

Reebok is moving towards becoming China's best fitness brand goal
Reebok is bringing its global success to China's rapid development of this fitness market. In addition to fitness products, shoes, and equipment and other global product line, Reebok also plans to launch in China to design and manufacture of products to meet the specific needs of Chinese consumers.

Today, Reebok focuses on three categories, namely: running, training and classic series. With the running in China usher in unprecedented rapid development, Reebok in 2017 will also focus on running category, the use of FloatRide and other exclusive frontier technology to help runners to achieve the best performance.

Reebok will also make full use of Gigi Hadid and other global brand spokesperson and Yuan Shanshan, Wu Lei and other local spokesmen influence. After the two and Wang Deshun at the beginning of this year jointly launched Reebok "refining to me" China plan.

In the past few months, Reebok in China has opened seven Reebok Chinese brand image shop FitHub fitness sink, successfully landed in Wuhan, Qingdao and Hangzhou and other cities, and in January 2017 in Beijing to open a new store. Reebok's latest store image FitHub fitness from the Reebok exclusive exclusive crossFit gym draw inspiration, integration of physical retail, fitness and offline activities as a whole, the shop will create an ideal place to experience healthy lifestyles, open a new consumer Experience mode. By working closely with retail partner China Best Retailer Belle, Reebok plans to open a total of 500 brand image stores by 2020, of which 50 stores will be opened in 2017.

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