Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Balance 574 Union Jack

New Balance brand New Balance New Balance in the London Olympic Games is about to open the occasion to the word flag for the inspiration, to create a new 574 Union Jack series.

The four-year Olympic event will be held in London in 2012, based on such a memorable moment, as the world's leading sports brand and the world's four major classic running shoes brand New Balance New Balance to the great Sports event tribute. Combined with the UK's most iconic flag word red and blue three-tone tone and since the advent of the 80's since the popular classic 574 shoes made of Jack Jack series, is bound to cause a wide range of topics.

As a century-old global sports brand, New Balance New Balance is not only a synonym for classic elegance, also with its innovative technology and materials and widely sought after by the global fans, the launch of the 574 Union Jack series uses a variety of Mixed with different materials to create, tongue and vamps to join the nylon material made of textured fabric provides excellent breathable performance, classic and durable leather as the shoe body, and shoes, respectively, supplemented by the texture has always been known as suede, set Function, practical, fashion as a whole, whether it is with leisure or exercise can be perfect control. Even the classic also need to join the fresh vitality in order to let the shoes always proud of the forefront of fashion, the Union Jack series in addition to the continuation of New Balance New Balance 574 shoes classic design, but also in the color to join the ingenuity of the design. To the word word for the inspiration, around the red, blue, white, respectively, as the main tone of color to track and field track shoes insole, full of changing color gives the feeling of infinite vitality, but also show the designer's bold ideas The Hidden in the shoes of the gold as a decoration, low-key but exudes a luxury charm.
While maintaining the classic fashion appearance at the same time, as committed to the study of science running shoes New Balance New Balance certainly will not despise the comfort of the shoes. 574 Union Jack series of shoes in the comfortable fit at the same time has excellent ventilation. Shoes special use New Balance New Balance patent ENCAP shock in the end, providing a double function of shock and support, the perfect combination of dynamic and trend, so you always enjoy running pleasure, highlight the charm of fashion.

Meaning the extraordinary British tone with the enduring classic shoes, from the appearance and even the color are walking in the cutting edge of fashion. Now let us bother the winter, and 574 Union Jack series together to meet the colorful spring, as the trend of people you can not miss this colorful feast?

New Balance 574 Union Jack Series Time to market: April 2012 Price: RMB 699

New Balance Introduction

New Balance New Balance was born in 1906 in the United States Marathon City of Boston. Formerly known as an arch support company, founder William J. Riley's innovation and work motivated by his concern for ordinary people's life and "help people live better" pursuit. In 1927, New Balance began to build footwear shoes. Upholding the spirit of helping people to live better, love the enthusiasm of the feet, and the spirit of manufacturing excellence products, New Balance continues to love, love the brilliant and legendary.

Experienced 104 years of experience, the pursuit of fit, extremely comfortable wearing feelings, love to move up the healthy life, beauty design feeling, New Balance has become a design, retro and innovation leader. Now New Balance is the third in the nation, the world's sixth largest sports shoes brand, is the world's only one in the United States has a shoe factory international sports shoes brand.

In 2003, New Balance entered China. In China, New Balance insists that every foot should be respected. For the majority of Chinese foot-shaped, New Balance application of its unique stability support technology, such as TS2, Stabilicore, etc. to provide a better love for the Chinese people experience. And the new multi-day unique multi-width running shoes have also landed in China, including three men, women, including two kinds of width system to help every Chinese people can find their feet for running shoes.

In pursuit of extreme comfort shoes feel as the goal, combined with popular design feel, New Balance has become a perfect representative of retro and innovation. As the leader of the global sports brand, New Balance sticks to the high standards of ethics, 100% customer satisfaction, team spirit of the company, in the scientific and technological materials, product appearance and comfort on the continuous innovation and progress for each movement to the largest Limit their own sports potential, enjoy a comfortable life and make unremitting efforts.

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